Frequently Asked Questions

How much extra is USDA processing? 

The Company offers USDA-inspected services and has a full-time inspector on-hand. Alleghany Meats charges .12 extra per pound for USDA-inspected products. These products are then allowed to be sold commercially to places like restaurants or grocery stores.

Does Alleghany Meats sell its own branded meat products? 

While the Company does not currently sell its own branded products, Alleghany Meats continues to examine potential partnerships to sell its own products in the future.

Does Alleghany Meats process deer? 

Originally the Company planned to process deer; however, after the first year of operation we decided to discontinue this service in order to further focus on livestock processing for local farmers.

How many livestock do you process in a week? 

Alleghany Meats has the capability to process up to 7 beef per day. The Company processes nearly 1,200 livestock annually. Lamb is the most processed animal, followed by beef, while bison is increasingly popular.

Do you offer services that other meat processors do not? 

The facility has its own smoker and offers smoked products, which provide more opportunities for value-added processing for local farmers.

How long do you hang livestock to age? 

Beef and bison are hung between 10 – 14 days. All other animals  typically hang no more than 2 days.

What does “Animal Welfare Approved” mean? 

Animal Welfare Approved is a third-party certification that establishes rigorous animal handling standards for animal welfare. Alleghany Meats monitors its animal handling practices and must renew its certification on an annual basis. The program ensures that extensive measures are taken to minimize animal stress and fatigue and that livestock are handled with care and compassion.

How can I learn more about Alleghany Meats’ prices and individual cuts? 

Prices and cuts sheets for beef, bison, pork, and lamb/goat are posted here. You can also give us a ring at 540.474.2422 for more info.

How far in advance should I call to schedule? 

During the October – February busy season it is best to schedule a month in advance. Other times of the year we recommend at least 7 – 10 days in advance.

Is custom labeling and packaging available?

Alleghany Meats offers vacuum packaging and works with farmers in developing custom labeling that meets USDA standards.

Can you do custom spices? 

While we use pre-formulated blends, we will work with producers to develop their own spice blend if it is a large volume.