Self-sufficiency is a deep-seated value in our region. Historically, families lived off the land and raising hogs was commonplace. Over time, this tradition has faded but our processing services are revitalizing this heritage and more farmers are providing pork products for their families and neighbors.


Basic Cuts

Our Basic Pork Processing includes the following options, Chops (Bone-in/Bone-less), Roast (Bone-in/Bone-less), Vacuum sealed steaks & roasts, AHAC standard label, Ground Bison bagged in vacuum packs or chubs.

Beyond this Basic Package, we are happy to work with you to customize your order. To discuss options or review your cut sheet, call us at (540) 474-2422.

Cut Options:

  • Shoulder Roast (Bone-in, Boneless)
  • Boston Butt Roast (Bone-in, Or Bone less)
  • Rib Chops
  • Loin Chops
  • Sirloin Chops
  • Loin-Boneless (Whole, sliced)
  • Bacon ( sliced, whole)
  • Spare Ribs (whole or riblets)
  • Baby Back Ribs (only if no Rib Chops)
  • Ham (Roast or Steak)
  • Ground Pork (Vacuum or chub bags)
  • Tenderloin (fish), Hocks (whole, sliced)
  • Pork Stew Meat
  • Cubed pork cutlets (for an additional fee)

Specialty Processing

Pork, like all meat processed at Alleghany Meats, can be processed further for variety of value-added products including: hamburger patties, sausage (links or patties), and bratwurst with spice options including, Maple, Breakfast, Hot Breakfast, Italian, Hot Italian, and Chorizo.

img_lambcutsheet_thumbnailPork Cut Sheet

We are happy to work with as you complete this form. The highlighted fields on the form are editable while information like the carcass weight and “# of packages” are used by our staff for labeling and record-keeping.

img_porkcuts_thumbnailPork Cuts Diagram

Click this image for a diagram of standard pork cuts. (source: National Pork Board)


Humane Handling

Allegheny Meats is an Animal Welfare Approved facility and animalwelfareis inspected by that organization every year. Proper treatment of livestock is critical to our success as a business and we continue to improve and adjust our processes as necessary to ensure that this critical step is performed correctly.