While buffalo are traditionally associated with the rolling plains, these regal animals can now be seen in the mountainous pastures of Virginia and West Virginia. Bison products have gained recognition for being leaner and lower in saturated fat, creating a niche market that local producers are exploring. Our facility is designed to accommodate the specialized needs associated with handling and processing bison.


Basic Bison Cuts

Our Basic Package has traditional bison cuts much like our standard beef cuts. With this package, the ground bison is packed in chubs and steaks come two to a package.

Value-Added Processing

We offer value added beef products including bison burger patties, smoked bratwursts, brisket, and bacon (yes, bison bacon).

img_lambcutsheet_thumbnailBison Cut Sheet

We are happy to work with as you complete this form. The highlighted fields on the form are editable while information like the carcass weight and “# of packages” are used by our staff for labeling and record-keeping.

Bison Cuts Diagram

Click this image for a diagram of standard bison cuts.



All bison cuts are vacuum-packed in clear plastic and labeled according to the cut or product in the package. Ground bison is sealed in vacuum packages (Premium Package) and sealed in chubs (Basic Package).

Humane Handling

Allegheny Meats is an Animal Welfare Approved facility and animalwelfareis inspected by that organization every year. Proper treatment of livestock is critical to our success as a business and we continue to improve and adjust our processes as necessary to ensure that this critical step is performed correctly.