We take pride in providing high-quality USDA and Animal Welfare Approved meat processing services to farmers in the mountain highlands of Virginia and West Virginia. Information regarding each step of our services is below. Questions? Feel free to call us at 540.474.2422, or email us at

We process:

– Beef, Bison, Pork, Lamb, and Goat

We offer:

–  Quality butchering with full customization
–  USDA inspected slaughter and processing (for re-sale)
–  Non-USDA slaughter and processing (not for re-sale)
–  Vacuum packaging and custom labeling
–  Value added products including smoked products


Scheduling times vary based on season; fall and winter are busier than spring and summer. To schedule slaughter dates please call our office.

If we cannot accommodate you on the date that you would like, we will happily schedule you for our next available date. We confirm slaughter dates by phone, 7-10 days in advance. Please call if you do not hear from us before bringing your animals.

beef dropoffReceiving

Livestock receiving hours are:

– 8:00-8:30 a.m. for day of scheduled slaughter
– 2:00-4:00 p.m. for day before scheduled slaughter

Please unload with assistance from plant personnel who will confirm the pen number and owner. Otherwise, our livestock pens are locked at all times and require plant personnel assistance to unload. If you are bringing animals the day before slaughter please provide feed, we will provide water.


Our facility slaughters twice weekly and throughout our operations have minimized both the cost and stress for animal and customer alike. We accommodate cattle, bison, lambs, goats, and hogs, but certain breeds, weights, and requests require additional labor and therefore additional costs. Please see for our policy regarding additional fees.

In addition to the meat, we can save organ meat, oxtail, and jowl. Hides and heads may also be saved upon special request. If you plan to save any of these items please inform our staff when you schedule slaughter.

Hanging Time

Hanging meat after slaughter improves the flavor and texture of meat allowing excess water to evaporate and enzymes in the meat to break down.

Following slaughter, beef and bison carcasses hang for 10-14 days. This initial hanging time is included with the slaughter and processing. After two weeks there is a $20 charge for each additional week of hanging time. Please review our policy regarding additional fees.

Lamb, hogs, and goats are hung less than a week. Because of the shorter hanging time for these species, we must receive your cutting instructions the week of slaughter.

Cutting Instructions

Cutting instructions ensure that your cuts are exactly how you or your customers like them. To guarantee you receive your desired cuts, cutting instructions must be faxed, emailed, or delivered the day of slaughter. Cut sheets can be complicated even for the most seasoned customer so we encourage you to call our office to verify that your order has been received. For sample cut sheets, navigate to our species-specific pages. If we do not receive cutting instructions by the week of slaughter we will reach out by phone, if we do not reach you we will cut to your most recent specifications or to the standard cut sheets.

10447104_683021468412059_1820189822266613592_nCustom Labeling

Alleghany Meats prints labels for each product package in accordance with USDA standards. Alleghany Meats packages most products into high quality, BPA free, vacuum-sealed bags. We offer three types of labeling based on specific customer needs:

Not-For-Sale. Alleghany Meats provides labels for custom-exempt, Not-For-Sale products at no extra charge. The labels include the Alleghany Meats facility name but no USDA identification mark.
USDA. Products with USDA labels can be sold through retail outlets. These labels can also be customized in black and white to help producers differentiate their products and include the Alleghany Meats facility name and USDA identification mark. For first-time customers there is a one-time $15 set-up fee for custom black and white labeling.
Custom brand label. Producers wanting to use their own custom brand labels must meet USDA label specifications and approval through an application process. Alleghany Meats helps facilitate the application process by working with the producer and the USDA for an extra fee.

Value Added and Smoked Products

We provide bacon, brisket, hamburger, patties, sausage (links or patties), and bratwurst in a variety of shapes, sizes, and seasonings.


Sausage blends come pre-formulated. We consider custom spice blends for high-volume jobs. We offer the following spice blends: maple, breakfast, hot breakfast, Italian, hot Italian, and chorizo.

Smoked Products

We are one of only a few local facilities that offer smoked meat products. Typically 250 lbs of bacon requires 1 ½ hours of preparation and injecting and 6-7 hours in the smoker. The product is then placed in a cooler for 6 – 15 hours to cool to 45 degrees. It takes two people approximately 4 hours to package. Alternatively, hams take smoke about 12 hours, chill for 12 hours, and 2 hours to package.

Storage and Pick-up

Pick-up times are: Monday-Friday are 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

We will inform you when your meat is ready for pick-up. The processed products are vacuum packaged prior to pick-up. Cuts are frozen following processing, if you would like meat fresh, you may request day-of-pick-up when you submit your cut sheets. Be sure to bring boxes or coolers to pick up your order whether fresh or frozen. Our facility has limited freezer space and in order to ensure plant operations run smoothly we can only offer 7 days of free storage after notifying you. Product left following that will incur a storage charge.


Payment for services is required at pickup. We currently accept cash, check, and credit/debit. Returned checks are subject to an extra fee.